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Charities House
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Affordable medications

We source the majority of our stock from overseas and work to pass on associated savings to our customers.

If you would like us to price your medication and send you a quote click here to contact us.

Future Care cost optimizing

We work with Future Care customers to make the most of their yearly budget by assessing and looking for ways to reduce and manage their costs.

If you would like us to give you an estimate of your monthly medication cost click here to contact us. 

Special imports

We use our extensive network of wholesalers to find and source what is not available locally or not affordable locally. 

If you would like us to import something for you, get in touch with us. 

Free Home Delivery

Save time and skip the queue, we deliver your medications all year around free of charge.

Free medication calendar pack service

If you are having trouble keeping track of your daily medications let us help. We organise your pills for you free of charge.

Click here and let us know if you would like more about this service.

Advanced compounding

We prepare medications from scratch that are tailored to fit your individual needs. From pediatric preparations to bioidentical hormone therapy creams and cosmeceuticals.

Let us know if you have a special request.

Nursing home services

We offer various professional services to assist nursing home staff in order to provide more comprehensive care.

If you are interested in our nursing home services package let us know.

CBD oil prescribing

.We work with our patients to make sure they get the best advice on their therapy and the most up to date information about CBD products. We only work with high quality CBD products from reliable sources.

If you need more information on our products contact us

Drive Through and Pick-up

Order your medication via phone or email. We will contact you to arrange pickup and payment and discuss any questions you may have. Then drive by to the back of the building, give us a buzz and we hand the medication to you.